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Third-Hand Smoke Might Be Causing Type-2 Diabetes

(March 7th, 2016)

Most people are aware by now of the imminent dangers of smoking. A fewer number of people do also understand the negative effects of second hand smoke. Whether you smoke or not, being in close proximity of a smoker exposes you to many health dangers. But passive smoking isn’t the worst of it. New findings have proved third-hand smoking might also be detrimental on the health and well-being of nonsmokers.

What is third-hand smoke? Third-hand smoke is the remnants of smoke accumulated on surfaces, like carpets, clothes, hair, etc., at home or in the car. The reason third-hand smoke is unforgivingly dangerous is because regardless of when or how often you smoke, the traces of your poison are scattered all over the place. Such surfaces are touched frequently by other members of the family, including a crawling toddler or an elderly. This poses possible risks to everyone coming in contact with any item in the environment of a smoker.

A new study has found that THS, the toxins of tobacco smoke accumulating on surfaces or mixed with dust, may in fact cause insulin resistance, which is a precursor to Type-2 Diabetes. Researchers have exposed groups of mice to third-hand smoke by exposing their cages to second-hand smoke. A group of mice fed with a high-fat diet have showed increased oxidative stress, gained less weight, and developed severe insulin resistance compared to the control group. The appetite and stress changes are known effects of nicotine.

Lead study author Manuela Martins-Green says, “If confirmed in humans, our study could greatly impact how people view exposure to environmental tobacco toxins.” It is very important to note that THS would exist in abundance in the homes of any smoker. And whether the actual smoking does or doesn’t happen before a nonsmoker, a child, or a senior doesn’t really matter. They would be prone to the possible negative effects of third-hand smoke either way.


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