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The Best E-Juice for Every Taste

Which is the best e-juice is a matter of personal taste, but there are some brands that people seem to agree are top notch. All of the e-juices listed here are found on more than one best e-juice list, so it isn’t a matter of one person’s opinion. These juices are arranged by category, so you can more easily find the best e-juice for you. Here you will find all the information you need to decide which e-juice will be your new personal favorite.

Best E-Juice (Tobacco Flavor): Black Note *

best e-juiceBlack note is remarkably different than other brands. This is the best e-cig juice if you are looking for a tobacco flavor according to every review on the web, and it is easy to see why. Let’s start with the packaging. Black Note is packaged in beautiful antique looking bottles. The type that makes you want to have a cigar and a brandy in the study. Black Note actually selects certain tobaccos, grows them itself, harvests them, cures them, conditions them, ages them, blends them, naturally extracts the flavor, and then filters it before bottling. Black Note says their mission is to help people quit smoking smoking by creating a liquid that is just as satisfying as the real thing. Considering they use real tobacco instead of artificial flavors, why wouldn’t it be? Prices start at $29.95 for a 30ml bottle, with their premium flavors about ten dollars higher. However, they offer free shipping, a money back guarantee, and promise your order will arrive within three days of ordering. This is one instance where you get what you pay for.

Best Rated Flavors

  • Cadenza

Made with Basma tobacco, grown in Greece and sun cured, this mildly spicy blend is called the “king of tobaccos.”

Customers say this has made them a loyal customer, and that it has an arromatic rich flavor. They say it is light and earthy, and a great all day vape.

  • Legato

Legato is considered a Kentucky blend, but it is actually grown in Italy. It is mild, nutty, and smooth.

Customers say this is the closest they have ever found to a real cigarette. Several customers say that this blend has allowed them to quit smoking because it is just as satisfying as the real thing.

Best E-Juice (Menthol Flavor): Virgin Vapor *

This California company uses only organic ingredients. They use certified organic ingredients, and pharmacuetical grade nicotine. Most liquids have an ethyl alcohol base, but a pg/vg base  or pure vg base is available upon request. Virgin Vapor flavors are more true to life than most brands, and they aren’t overly sweet. Most of their e-juices are $13.50 for a 15ml bottle.

Best Rated Flavors

  • Menthol Moon Drops

This is a really strong, authentic tasting menthol flavor. It is great on its own if you enjoy a strong menthol flavor, but it mixes well with other flavors to give you a mild menthol taste as well.

Customers say that this flavor has kept them from going back to menthol cigarettes. They say it has a great throat hit, and it gives you a tingling sensation. Some customers say that they  have tried many different menthol flavors before deciding that this one is the best.

  • Afterglow

Virgin also makes a few floral flavors, afterglow being one of them. It has flavors of lavendar, pomegranate, and bergamont. This flavor contains no alcohol.

Customers say it is a great evening vape to help them relax, but it is a good all day vape as well. Some customers say they were skeptical of the flavor and only tried it because it came in a sample pack, but once they tried it they loved it.

Best Vape Juice Selection: VaporFi *

best e-juiceVaporFi products are all made in the USA. All their formulas as well as their lab and manufacturing facility are FDA registered. All their formulas are diactayl free. You can choose from 0mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg, 24mg, and 36mg nicotine strengths. Their standard liquids are 70% propylene glycol and 30% vegetable glycerin, but you can also choose a 50/50 blend. If you prefer to drip vape or sub ohm, you can try their Reserve or Grand Reserve lines. These are pre-steeped, so you get a great flavor without having to wait. The Reserve is a 40/60 blend, and the Grand Reserve is a 30/70 blend. VaporFi allows you to mix up to three flavors together to create your own blends, giving you 30,000 flavor combinations in addition to the other options they offer. The price for their standard blends are $15.99 for a 300 ml bottle.

Highest Rated Flavors

  •  Watermelon Mojito

This  is one of the best e-juice flavors. It is a base of Mojito with a double shot of watermelon. It is a light and refreshing blend.

Customers say it gives a good throat hit. They love the taste and say it has a good aftertaste. They say it is nice and smooth, and it is great for all day vaping.

  • Roscoe’s Pearadise.

This flavor is a combination of Pear, Lemon, and Vanilla.

Customers say it is very refreshing, and that the pear and vanilla mellow out the lemon. They say that the flavor is mellow and smooth.

Best E-Juice (Price): Halo *

Halo is considered to be one of the best e-juice brands on the market. It is diactyl free, and it’s made with USP grade ingredients. Halo includes a best buy date and a tracking number on each bottle. The tracking number lets you know exactly when it was made, and the exact ingredients used. All their liquids are pre-steeped and made in America. They offer a wide selection of tobacco flavors, as well as dessert and fruit flavors. You can choose a nicotine range from 0-24 mg. The price is very good for the quality at $5.99 for a 30 ml bottle.

Highest Rated Flavors

  • Voodoo

This is one of Halo’s best rated flavors. It is a mild tobacco flavor combined with cinnamon, vanilla, grape, and plum notes.

Customers say it has a complex flavor. They say it is spicy and sweet, and it is a great flavor for everyday vaping.

  • Nutty Caramel

This flavor has mixed nuts blended with caramel. Sweet and smooth, it is a great dessert vape.

Customers say it is mellow and smooth and great for an all day vape. They say it isn’t too sweet, and some say this is their favorite flavor.

Best E-Juice (Dessert Flavors): Mt. Baker *

Mount Baker is the best e-juice for the price. It is made in America and some are priced at a remarkable $3.99 for a 15ml bottle. Their flavors are made when you order, so they recommend letting them steep for a few days before using them. You can choose from 80% pg and 20% vg all the way up to max vg, so you can get the perfect blend for you. You can also add extra flavor shots if you like a lot of flavor. Every order from Mt. Baker comes with a free 10ml sample of a different e-juice, so you can try other flavors for free. Mt. Baker is known for its dessert, candy, and cereal flavors. They have some really creative flavors that people seem to love.

Best Rated Flavors

  • Beast Treats

A mix of fruit flavors with a candy finish.

Customers say it is a skittles like flavor, and some customers like to add a flavor shot or two. They say it is a good all day vape, and it doesn’t lose its flavor when you vape it for awhile.

  • Moo Juice

This one is a blend of strawberry and cream pastry.

Customers describe it as milky and sweet, and that it is a good all day vape. Many customers say this is their favorite, but some customers recommend an extra flavor shot.

Now that you know about the best e-juice companies, why not try them for yourself? Customer reviews can be found on all these sites, and they can give you an idea of what a particular flavor is like. It may take a little trial and error to find your perfect flavor, but it is well worth it.


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