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What Is an E-Cig Mod?

Electronic cigarettes are extremely popular with many different people. Smokers who enjoy smoking but cannot partake in certain areas or public places, smokers who are trying to quit and break their addiction to nicotine and even non-smokers who are trying vaping or hookah pens without ever having smoked a tobacco cigarette are all jumping on the bandwagon and trying out the new, modified cigarettes. Others are choosing to exchange one vice for another because they have been led to believe that smoking an electronic cigarette is safer than a conventional tobacco cigarette. So far, studies are proving that any type of smoking or vaping can irritate the lungs and may eventually lead to a variety of chronic upper respiratory illnesses and diseases, like COPD, chronic bronchitis and asthma.

What Is an E-Cig Mod? *

An E-Cig Mod is an electronic cigarette that has been modified in some way so that it is different than the way it was manufactured. There are several things that can be modified on an electronic cigarette or hookah pen that can make the experience more enjoyable for the person using it. A few of the most common modifications include:

  • Larger tanks
  • Larger batteries
  • Better cartridges (bigger and easier to use)
  • Higher resistance atomizers that provide a larger volume of vapor

People who are handy with the technical aspects of the electronic components can fashion parts on their own or they can purchase modification kits for their particular brand of electronic cigarette and follow the directions to create their own modified unit. It is important to remember that tampering with an electronic device may result in various hazards that may not otherwise have been present prior to the modification.e-cig mod

Why Modify? *

Modifications to electronic cigarettes are made to boost their performance in some way. Larger tanks and cartridges allow for more liquid to be stored and used at any given time. Larger, more powerful batteries allow for longer, more intense use. The use of higher resistance atomizers also work to increase the amount of e liquid used during each puff. The original electronic cigarette may work just fine for many people, but for vaping enthusiasts it is often a challenge to see who can come up with the best modified vaping system. Only one piece of the electronic cigarette may be modified or they can go all out and modify every component. This supposedly will increase their pleasure, but many traditional smokers believe that it may be doing nothing more than increasing their chances of blowing up.

Additional Features *

The “do-it-yourselfers” as well as the owners of many small vaping companies are buying standard electronic cigarettes and modifying them according to their customers’ requests. They can add certain features, while keeping others at the original manufacturer’s standards. Individuals who are highly skilled with the technical aspect of the electronic cigarettes will actually buy individual components and build their own hookah or vape pens and market them under their own brand. By making the pens and e-cig mods in their own store, they can offer a customized version that no other store may have. This is true for the e liquids as well. Many vaping companies have created their mixtures of e-liquids and juices and are selling onsite. It is important to remember that the majority of e-liquids are not regulated by the FDA even if they contain nicotine.

E-cig mods rarely resemble other hookah and vape pens, especially if they are created according to a specific customer’s request. Once the modification process begins, most vape pens immediately cease looking like a conventional cigarette. They are often larger, heavier and much more colorful than other tobacco products. Customers can choose to have various decorative options included to enhance the device’s appearance.

Types of Mods *

There are two basic types of e-cig “mods.” Mechanical mods are those that include modifications made to the structure of function of the mod. This can mean an increase in the size of tank or cartridge, the style of mouth piece or body and any other addition or detraction that can impact how the device actually works. Modifying the mechanical  parts of an electronic cigarette can pose problems with how the device functions, but for the most part, those types of changes only enhance or detract from the pleasure a person receives from using the device.

e-cig modVariable voltage mods have to do with the batteries and the voltage coils and regulators that are used to produce the heat needed to turn the liquid into a vapor. Many people attempt to build their own coils and voltage regulators. They can also buy specific voltage adapters or kits that can be used to increase the power of their vape or hookah pens. This increases the potency of the vapor and how much is released at one time. When a person, trained or not, begins to tamper with the voltage modulators, coils and batteries, the risk of injury dramatically increases. There have been many instances in the news recently due to people being injured when their electronic cigarettes blew up, either while they were smoking them or while they were charging and plugged into the wall. Changing the voltage of a device can damage the coils and batteries if proper steps are not taken. If you want to modify a device and do not know what you are doing, let a professional take care of it.

Safety Concerns *

There are many concerns when it comes to e-cig mods. First and foremost it has to do with the batteries and the voltage regulators. Many devices have exploded while they were being used. This can cause severe injuries and third degree burns wherever the hot liquid and batteries may land. The risk of explosion increases with each new modification or change that is made to the device. Even structural changes can alter how the vape is drawn through the device and have an impact on how it functions.

E-cig mods work by heating up the liquid so that it becomes vaporized. It is important to remember not to touch the element, tank or cartridge while the unit is heating up. Although many devices are made so that the element is not easily accessible, the device can still become hot to the touch. Modifications to the device can alter how the temperature of the mod and can cause other areas of the device to heat up as well. It is also important to remember to not refill the cartridge or the tank while the device is still hot.

When charging the batteries or doing anything at all with the voltage, always remember to be extremely careful so that you do not get burnt or that the device does not explode in your hands. Never work on or adjust a device while it is still hot from being used. Burns to the hands and fingers can result. If you plan on modifying your device on your own, make sure to read all of the directions that are included in your kit or get directions from someone who knows what they are doing. Never attempt to modify an electronic device of any kind without some direction or training.

Along with the general concerns that have to do with the structural aspect of the device, there are also the health concerns. Most healthcare practitioners are in agreement that vaping is just as harmful to the lungs as smoking an actual tobacco cigarette. Vape supporters claim that there are fewer chemicals in vapor and that real fruit juices and natural ingredients are used in the e liquid mixtures. With that being said, the lungs are sensitive organs and are easily damaged. Inhaling any substance deep into the delicate tissues can cause irritation and lead to a variety of health problems. COPD, chronic bronchitis, asthma and other types of upper respiratory illnesses and diseases can all be aggravated by the use of vape or hookah pens.


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