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All About Electronic Cigarettes

In an age where technology has taken over lives, even smoking isn’t the same as it was in previous years. With the advent of electronic cigarettes people now have more alternatives than ever before. These cigarettes are believed by some to be safer than smoking traditional cigarettes while others feel they are just as dangerous and unhealthy. Yet this trend is growing everyday and many companies now offer the product to consumers.

Electronic Cigarette Brands *

The many brands of these cigarettes include blue eCigs, a brand released by an Australian entrepreneur in 2009. Half of the market share of e-cigarettes is dominated by this brand. The company even runs an awards program where consumers that purchase their products earn points they can redeem for various rewards.

The Ego Electronic Cigarette is one of the most basic versions of this product. It is designed for those who consider themselves to be medium or a heavy smoker, as opposed to a light or social smoker. This brand can often become confusing to new smokers because they have so many options when it comes to its features and even the size and color of the cigarette.

Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit *

There are many electronic cigarette starter kits on the market. One of those kits is VaporFi. Consumers can choose from the company’s six different starter kits. These are the Express, Air, Pro, Pro Color, Pulse, Rocket, Rebel II and the Vox 50 MOD Starter Kit. The Express Kit is easy to use and perfect for beginners. This kit comes with a combination cartridge/atomizer. All smokers have to do is switch to a new preloaded cartridge to keep using this product.

electronic cigarettesThe AIr Kit it also recommended by the company to any new smoker. Its clear tank and compact body make it easy to see when the cartridge needs to be replaced. It is compact enough that it can easily be taken with a smoker when they travel. The main difference between the Express Kit and the Air Kit is that the Air Kit can be used with custom e-cigarette juice.

The Pro Kit was designed to combat problems with the voltage of the electronic cigarette as well as its power level. This kit is meant for experienced smokers who want more options available to them than other starter kits offer. One of those options includes the ability to adjust the resistance level of the atomizer. The Pro Color Kit lets users choose their battery and cartomizer colors so they can have the color scheme they want.

The Pulse Starter Kit includes everything the other starter kits include, with the addition of a cordless circular charger. This not only makes the electronic cigarette more stylish it also helps it perform better.

The Rocket Starter Kit comes with a high voltage battery and dual atomizers. It is a step above the other starter kits and attracts smokers who want the best vaping experience possible.

The Rebel II Starter Kit gives smokers more control over their use of the product. Its adjustable wattage and voltage are big selling points as is the adjustable juice flow that lets smokers control how much they are using.

The Vox 50 MOD Starter Kit provides 50 watts of power to the electronic cigarette. Its advanced features include temperature protection and an LED digital screen. The vaporizer is small enough to fit in a pocket, making it easy to transport it.

Best Electronic Cigarettes *

While there are countless brands of electronic cigarettes on the market, only a few can be called the best. Those who support people quitting traditional cigarettes recommend the following e-cigarette brands:

  • VaporFi
  • Mig Cigs
  • Halo Cigs
  • Apollo E-Cigs
  • V2 Cigs
  • South Beach Smoke
  • 777 E-Cigs
  • Revolver E-Cigs

Electronic Cigarette Reviews *

V2 Cigs is a highly recommended electronic cigarette by those who know the industry. As one of the best selling brands of e-cigarettes, V2 Cigs has a reputation for providing smokers with quality products.

VaporFi is a big hit among smokers because it is one of the few brands that gives them the option of building a customized vaporizer. Consumers can go on the company’s website and pick and choose the features they want their vaporizer to have.

Halo Cigs is known for providing consumers with the best e-liquids on the market. This brand is also popular among smokers for its various kits. The Elements and GO Entry Kit are particularly well liked by smokers.

South Beach Smoke has also been a popular choice for e-cigarette smokers. This is mainly due to the company’s cartridge subscription program that makes it easy for those who use the product to order the cartridges they want and have them delivered in a timely manner. As a service that most other brands don’t offer, South Beach Smoke has found its niche in the industry with this unique and convenient subscription program. Another selling point of this brand is that many smokers find it more affordable than other brands.

Best Electronic Cigarette *

According to consumer reviews the top three brands of e-cigarettes are Green Smoke, VaporFi and Apollo. Green Smoke has been praised by both consumers and industry reviewers for its quality of products and its various kits. The most popular Green Smoke kit is the Pro Kit, which includes two packs with 10 cartridges, three rechargeable batteries and three chargers. The Express Kit also comes with one pack of five cartridges, two  rechargeable batteries and two chargers. The Essentials Kit is the most basic kit as it only comes with two cartridges, one charger and one battery.

VaporFi was one of the first electronic cigarettes on the market that consumers responded to positively. It has gained
a reputation for being among the best choices in electronic cigarettes. In turn, the company has responded to consumers comments and suggestions for improvements and new options in starter kits.

Apollo Cigs is a hit with consumers in part because of the company’s efforts to provide them with the best choices in e-cigarette juice by developing a lab for the purpose of creating new flavors. The company’s Endeavor Starter Kit is particularly impressive to many consumers. The kit comes complete with two e-cigarette juice flavors that Apollo created in their lab. This gives them an edge over other e-cigarette brands that
have much less to offer smokers.electronic cigarettes

Conclusion *

The electronic vapor cigarette has become a life changing product for many consumers. A whole new world of

possibilities is now open to smokers that are willing to quit traditional cigarettes in favor of their electronic counterparts.  Consumers are now able  to have more choices and can customize the way they use their electronic cigarettes. This kind of freedom has swept the world and the cigarette industry will never be the same again. Every day new products are being created to help consumers enjoy their cigarettes and get the most out of their experience. While many consumers have turned to electronic cigarettes because of their ease of use others have turned to them to serve as a stepping stone in their effort to quit smoking for good. Only time will tell if the industry continues to grow and thrive in the coming years.






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  1. The e cig industry has come under continual fire from government, anti-smoking, and consumer groups for many reasons. This industry is, as yet, unregulated. Products contain nicotine and there have been disturbing revelations about other ingredients such as diacetyl which, when inhaled regularly, can cause a life-threatening illness know as “popcorn lung.” https://www.ecassoc.org

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