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Everything You Need to Know About Clearomizers

The vaping world can be very confusing for someone that is new to vaping. Adding to the confusion is the fact that they are constantly evolving, and the terms used to describe certain parts mean different things to different people. There are three types of e-juice delivery systems. Atomizers, cartomizers, and clearomizers. When an atomizer is used, a few drops of liquid are dropped directly onto the atomizer or heating element. A cartomizer uses a polyfill material to keep liquid around the heating coil. Clearomizers use a wick to bring the liquid to the heating coil. This article deals with clearomizers. It will answer some common questions including: How does a clearomizer work, What are the different types of clearomizers, and what are the best clearomizer brands.

What Is a Clearomizer? *

Clearomizers use a clear tank to hold the e-liquid. These tanks can hold between 2.5 and 5 ml of e-liquid, and the clear tank allows you to see when your e-liquid is running low. Clearomizers offer users many options, and the coils can be replaced when they begin to wear out. There is a wick inside the tank that soaks up the liquid and carries it to the coil. The coil then heats the liquid, resulting in the vapor that is inhaled.clearomizers

Disposable vs Rebuildable *

Disposable clearomizers are used for two to four weeks and then thrown away and replaced. This is the most convenient method, because you don’t have to take it apart and replace the coil. This method is probably the best for beginners.

Rebuildable clearomizers allow you to replace the heating coil instead of the whole tank. This method is more cost effective, and is generally preferred by those who are comfortable with all of the parts of their e-cigarette.

Top Coil vs Bottom Coil vs Dual Coil *

The top coil clearomizers have the atomizer on the top of the tank, and the wick runs down the length of the tank. These tanks are easy to clean and refill. It is also much easier to replace the atomizer on this type of tank. They also produce a warmer vapor, which is more like traditional cigarette smoke.

  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to rebuild
  • Easy to fill
  • Warmer vapor

Some vapers say that they don’t get as much flavor with a top coil. You also have the risk of dry hits. This is when the wick gets dry or isn’t getting the e-juice to the coil. You can minimize dry hits by swirling the tank on a regular basis to keep the wick saturated. These also use more e-juice than the bottom coil style, and they can leak if not filled correctly.

  • Less flavor
  • Dry hits
  • Uses more juice
  • Leaks

Bottom coil clearomizers have the atomizer or heating coil on the bottom. This style offers much better consistency than the top coil models, giving you a great vape without dry hits until your coil wears completely out. The main reason is because the coil is at the bottom of the tank with the wick running up. This design keeps the wick submerged in the e juice, and gravity keeps things flowing smoothly. They aren’t nearly as likely to leak as top coil models. They also produce a cooler vapor, which some users prefer. The bottom coil tanks don’t have to work as hard, so it uses less energy and preserves the life of the battery.

  • Better consistency
  • No dry hits
  • Cooler Vapor
  • Longer battery life

Bottom coil tanks need to be cleaned more frequently because of their shorter wicks. They aren’t as easy to refill, but most users don’t see this as much of an issue once they learn how to use them. They will flood if you hit them too hard. Flooding happens when too much juice gets into the atomizer, and it can give a bad taste. You may also find the juice if your mouth if you flood it. Flooding can also happen if the tank isn’t filled correctly. Thicker liquids may help to prevent flooding.

  • Frequent cleaning
  • Harder to refill
  • Floodingclearomizers

Single Coil vs Dual Coil *

Single coil clearomizers only have one coil. The advantages of having one coil are that you don’t use as much battery life or e juice  with a single coil. The vapor temperature will be slightly cooler than a dual coil.

Single coils don’t produce as much vapor as dual coils. This means they have less flavor and throat hit as well.

Dual coils produce more vapor, which gives them a better flavor and throat hit. They also heat up the liquid faster than single coils, and produce a warmer vapor. This table shows where the coils score on a scale from one to ten.

Best Clearomizer Brands *

Aspire Nautilus 

This dual bottom coil tank is on the pricey side at $35, but it is durable and you can replace the parts as needed instead of having to buy a complete new tank. This tank also allows you to choose from four different airflow settings. This allows you to adjust drag, the warmth of the vapor, and the amount of vapor, and also gives you a better taste. The bell shape of the tank also helps optimize the air flow. The kit comes with one replacement atomizer. The tank holds 5 ml, almost twice as much as most clearomizers, and it doesn’t leak.

Kanger Aerotank 

This one is also a dual bottom coil tank. It has a 2.5 ml tank, which is the industry average. The e liquid can leak through the mouthpiece when you change the atomizer. Keeping the tank more than 1/3 full will help to keep it sealed and prevent leaks. This one can also be replaced a piece at a time, so it will last a long time. The tank on this model is made from Pyrex glass, so it will crack if it is dropped. If you do crack it, you will have to replace the tank. The atomizer heads last between ten to twenty days, depending on how much you vape. This one also has adjustable air flow, and with the air flow fully open provides an incredible amount of vapor. At $28.95 it is priced a little cheaper than the Nautilus.

VaporFi VShock Tank 

This tank is designed to give you great vapor clouds. It has two different places to adjust the airflow, and this also makes it possible to drip with this model. It has a 5ml capacity, and it is designed to handle e-juice with a higher vegetable glycerin concentration. Higher vg e-juices give you a better throat hit and more vapor. The wick is 100% cotton. The tank costs $49.99, and a pack of five replacement coils costs $24.85.

Lemo Two Tank 

The Lemo Two clearomizer tank has a 3.5 ml capacity. One of the innovative things about this tank is that you can refill it from the side, so you can fill it from the side. It also has peek insulation which makes it less susceptible to heat and corrosion. It also has an adjustable airflow. If you are more advanced, this model allows for lots of modifications. You can use high vegetable glycerin e juices with this clearomizer as well. The tank itself costs about $35.00. It comes with some replacement parts, and replacement parts can be purchased cheaply online.

Clearomizers are a great choice for your e-cigarette. They offer a huge range of options, and they can be easily customized. They are also very cost effective. While the upfront cost of the tank may be pricey, the replacement parts are very inexpensive. Clearomizers are generally user friendly and easy to maintain, making them a good choice for experienced vapers and beginners alike.



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