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The Best Quit Smoking Apps

You’re about to leave the house to go to work, a cafe or an outdoor gathering with friends. What do you grab to put in your purse or pockets before you leave? Keys – check. Wallet – check. Mobile phone – check. Cigarettes and lighter – check. You have these indispensable everyday items on you all the time. But you’re here because you really, really want to finally quit smoking. In this digital era, everyone carries their smartphone along almost everywhere they go. That’s why we, among other health professionals around the world, have deduced that one of the best means to quit smoking (and not relapse) is to start using Quit Smoking apps.¬†

There are a myriad of smoking cessation mobile applications available for Android and iPhone smartphones alike. That’s why we scouted the Internet and compiled a comprehensive list of the best quit smoking apps out there. The following apps have been carefully selected based on their potential to actually help you stay smoke-free. Another criterion was their user ratings; that is because what current and former users say about the app can tell you a lot about its functionality and user interface. With a great variety of quit smoking apps, leading a healthier lifestyle has never been easier. Time to free yourself from the slavery of smoking addiction!

The Best Quit Smoking Apps Out There *

We know it. At first, you thought you don’t need to quit, especially as a teenager. You were young and free, and money wasn’t that big of an issue. Into your mid 20s, you start wondering why you can’t go on that morning jog anymore. You start feeling groggy, but still – smoking is a “cool” social habit, especially if you’re out drinking. You don’t think you’re so addicted, but you are.

You’ve finally hit the brick wall. You know the answer: you’ve got to quit. It’s going to be so difficult, so you need support – big time. Are you going to tell your parents? That’s a lot of pressure. How about posting about it on social media? That’s a good idea, but it’s also a massive commitment. If you relapse, you’ll have to face a bit of embarrassment. Luckily, we’ve figured it all out for you: quit smoking apps.

The greatest advantage about these mobile applications is that they are so diverse. Some of them provide personalized, custom quitting plans that you can build yourself with the help of the app, and make sure you actually stick to them. Other quit smoking apps show a dashboard that tell you how much money and time you’ve “gained” by quitting.

By now, you’re probably curious about these apps. How do they work? Are they for free?

The Best 5 Quit Smoking Apps for both Android and iOS *

Got your smartphone at hand? Great. Before you hit the ‘search’ button on Google Play or Apple’s iTunes, try to find out which one of these quit smoking apps would work best for you. There are hundreds of options out there, so save yourself the trouble of app-hunting and read through our reviews. Also, please note that the order in which the apps have been placed has nothing to do with their rank from best to worse, or vice versa. Each app has different features, and therefore cannot be precisely compared.

1) Smoke Free *

Free, with available in-app purchases. Rating: 4.4 on Android and 4.5 on iOS.

We find this quit smoking app particularly interesting because it’s not just numbers on a dashboard. It’s actually a scientific experiment that tests out different quitting methods and techniques to see which ones work. This is how it works: everyone who downloads the app gets basic features. These include:

  • A calendar: to see how long you’ve been smoke-free.
  • A calculator: to see how much money you’ve saved, and to see the number of cigarettes you haven’t been smoking. (Those add up pretty fast!)
  • The bars: these show much your health is improving.
  • Badges: you get those once you achieve some milestones.
  • Sharing: boast about your success story with social media friends and followers.

So, what are the special additional features? Science says that nicotine replacement therapy actually works. What the app does is suggest additional features (which they don’t tell you about beforehand so that the experiment is still valid). Then, the developers of this app test the functionality of these features to figure out which techniques work for quitting, and which ones don’t. On the other hand, you can choose to stick to the basic features and not participate in the experiment. The basic features are for free, while the additional “experimental” ones are paid. It’s all a voluntary process, for your health and for science!

2) Kwit *

Free, with available in-app purchases (or a premium version). Rating: 4.3 on Android and 4 on iOS.

Do you want to be the Ultimate Kwitter? The great thing about this quit smoking app is that it adds a splash of fun to the whole quitting recipe. It implements game design techniques and dynamics to to help you quit smoking. There are 60 milestones or achievements to “unlock”, the more information you get on the health benefits of quitting. This information helps you stay on track. Moreover, if you’re struggling with cravings, you can shake your phone to draw yourself a motivational card so you can avoid lighting up. You can also monitor your “health stats” live, as the app shows you how long it’s been since you last smoked, the money you’ve saved all along, and the number of cigarettes you have not been smoking.

3) Quit Smoking with Andrew Johnson *

Not free. Rating: 4.3 on Android and 4 on iOS.

Like the apps we’ve already mentioned, this one is designed to help you quit smoking. However, what makes it different is that it uses different techniques, mainly psychological ones, to help you stay away from tobacco. Part of what makes smoking so addictive is how we associate it with specific habits. You often have it with your morning coffee or after dinner. Quitting becomes much easier when you dissolve these habits. What this quit smoking app does is induce a deep state of relaxation in order to allow your subconscious mind to absorb messages to enable you to quit, for good.

So, how exactly does this work? The app creator advises you to listen to the instructions for the first few times you use it. Afterwards, you won’t need those instructions. For the first few weeks, if you’re listening at night, you can use the long “induction” mode. Your brain will then get used to those relaxation techniques and you can switch to the shorter mode. If anything, some people actually fall asleep while using the app, and then waking up using the “waking” section. Sounds pretty hypnotic, but the reviews show that it’s actually effective!

4) Craving to Quit *

Free to download (3-day trial) – Upgrade to Premium for $1/Day. Rating: 3 on Android and 4 on iOS.

Craving to Quit is slightly more professional than the ones we’ve mentioned so far. Developed and tested by Yale University, this quit smoking app is a 21-day program based on a scientific smoking cessation program. It was clinically tested over 4 weeks and proved to be twice as effective as regular treatment plans.

Through playlists of audio and video tracks, tools and daily reminders, the app walks you through quitting step-by-step, and day-by-day, until you successfully smoke zero cigarettes per day. Other features include customizing daily goals, bonus tracks, and activity feed. If you decide to go for the Premium version, you can also access support through the Craving to Quit community.

5) QuitNow! *

Free. Full features are paid for on QuitNow Pro. Rating: 4.6 on Android and 4 on iOS.

Downloaded by over 2 million quitters from around the world, QuitNow helps you avoid smoking temptation. It provides you with information on the last time you smoked, the number of cigarettes you have avoided, the money you’ve been saving, and the health improvements you’ve been making. Like other quit smoking apps, QuitNow also features achievements which you can unlock the further you progress.

QuitNow’s Pro version is not free, but it offers a myriad of complementary features that include 52 more achievements to unlock (though the developers say it may take years to complete those). It is also fully customizable, and is completely ad-free. Finally, it gives you real-time access to a global community of quitters!

You Can Quit Today, Right Now *

The great advantage that comes with quit smoking apps is the mobility it enables you. You no longer have to rely on a physical space where you can meet your support group or physician. All the help, advice and motivation you need now lie at the tip of your fingers, literally. Now, the next time someone asks you how much you’ve saved since you quit smoking, your app can give you an accurate answer: lots of money, and many years.


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