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Thai Application Can Actually Help You Quit Smoking

(February 9th, 2016)

Across the world, millions of smokers want to quit the self-destructive habit every day. But though the intention is strong and genuine, carrying it out is another story. Quitting smoking is one of the most difficult challenges one has to go through. It requires commitment, outside support, and the sincere willingness to bear with the intense cravings and withdrawal symptoms. Some smokers can do this on their own, but, for others, it’s practically impossible to walk this road without a constant reminder of what they are achieving and what they have on stake. And that’s exactly why Thai Health has launched their anti-smoking app: Thai Rai Khwan (Smokeless Thailand).

According to Suthat Rungruanghiranya, an executive at ThaiHealth, Thailand has around 12 million smokers, half of which have expressed the desire to quit, says a 2014 survey. The issue is, only few of this huge number actually succeed in their quest due to the lack of outside assistance. Current anti-smoking services in Thailand cannot accommodate to this number of smokers either. So another solution had to be sought.

quit smoking

Smokeless Thailand aims at providing everyone with their very own personal quitting smoking guide. The public could find the support, the advice, and the motivation they need in this mobile application. Furthermore, the app is free and available for download on both Android and Apple stores.

According to the developing company, Smokeless Thailand offers its users a variety of techniques to quit smoking, information about the process, and instructions to carry on and fight the cravings. The app allows the users to keep a diary of their smoking habits, so that they can study their triggers and understand when they are more susceptible to crave a cigarette. A great part about the app is the connectivity it offers its users. The app can be connected to social media accounts where a user, and a recent quitter, can share their achievement and/or experience with quitting tobacco smoking.



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