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What Is an Atomizer?

Electronic cigarettes come in all shapes and sizes. If you have considered opting for e-cigarettes as a smoking alternative, then you may want to know more about their components. What is the replaceable part of e-cigarettes? How expensive is it? And how does it even work? It’s time to learn more about the atomizer. Normally, an e-cigarette comprises a mouthpiece, a cartridge (tank), a heating element/atomizer, a microprocessor, a battery, and possibly a LED light on the end. So what does this heating element do?

What an Atomizer Does *

Using an e-cigarette, or vaping, requires some sort of heating to produce vapor. The atomizer is this particular component that converts the vaping liquid (or e-liquid) into water vapor. Though a small metal tube, it has a rather important function. Inside it, there are a few metal wires that form the heating component in addition to a micro pump.

According to VapeStore.com, the atomizer’s heating element vaporizes the liquid in the cartridge so it can be inhaled through the mouthpiece. On average, it lasts for around two to four weeks. This makes replacing it part of the recurring expenses associated with vaping.

Some e-cigarette models combine the atomizer with a pre-filled disposable component referred to as a “cartomizer.”

How Atomization Works *

E-cigarettepedia, an encyclopedia dedicated to informing people about e-cigarettes, tells us about how the process of atomization works. When a smoker inhales from the electronic cigarette, the sensor (located in the main body) activates the electric circuit board which is powered by the battery. This circuit board sends two electric currents: one to the micro pump, and one to the heating component of the atomizer. The pump pushes the liquid through the atomizer, which then starts vaporizing the liquid.atomizer

Tank Atomizer vs. Dripping *

An RDA, or Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer, works in a slightly different way. It vaporizes e-liquid that is dripped directly upon the heating component, instead of sitting in a tank. While this mechanical setup doesn’t hold as much e-liquid per time as a conventional atomizer does, it gives better flavor and more flavor density, according to BestClearomizer.com.

Dripping allows the flavor to be more evident, resulting in a better quality of a vaping experience. The reason is partially because the e-liquid is burnt whole per session, so no old e-juice gets mixed with new. In the end, dripping is the favored method of vaping by many people.

There is another advantage to dripping. It gives more room for customization, so you can achieve the ideal vaping experience. On the other hand, it is generally more expensive on the short run. Tanks are easier to use and are more convenient, but are more expensive on the long run. Furthermore, using a tank can save your e-cigarette’s battery life. Another disadvantage to dripping is that it requires some particular skill; if it is done wrong, it can pose a safety risk. A not very experienced hand can make a mess out of the whole process, and you might end up with e-juice spilling everywhere, which might expose you to a hazardous amount of nicotine. Consider wearing gloves as you work on it.

Bottom line, if you’re a newbie in the electronic cigarette game, you might want to try tank atomizers first before you go for more customizable options or RDAs.

Rebuildable Automizers *

For those of you with more experience and more customized needs, rebuildable automizers are the best choice. A rebuildable atmoizer can be modified to accommodate various sizes and thicknesses and wicks. You get to be more in control of your vaping experience, making the best of your choice of e-liquid flavors, while also controlling the amount of vapor you produce.

General Information *

Here are a few more things you need to know if you have the intention to try an atomizer or you are new to the product and are still experimenting:

  • If you’re having your new atomizer shipped, you’ll probably receive it coated with a fluid. This is the “primer fluid” and it protects the atomizer from oxidation. Since it tastes quite bad, you might want to not inhale the first 20 to 50 puffs of your new atomizer. Don’t worry; the bad taste will fade quickly though.
  • Cleaning your atomizer is a matter of preference. Some resort to cleaning their atomizers every day, and some do it less regularly, every few days or weekly. You can just take the atomize out, let it dry upside down on a paper towel, or you can soak it in hot water or in pure grain alcohol for a few minutes first. Whatever it is, make sure that your atomizer is clean and safe and choose the method with which you achieve that as you see fit.
  • You might want to have more than one atomizer at hand. Atomizers burn out, some in 2-3 months, and some in 2-3 weeks, so if atomizers are your main vaping method, make sure to keep that in mind.

Finally, vaping can be complex and quite intimidating for a newbie, and you might not want to start the habit if you have no inclination to smoking. But, if you’re a smoker, and vaping is a healthier alternative for you, or better yet is a quitting method for you, then you should definitely give it a try. Vaping can be a quality experience, and there are many flavors and many methods to choose from. Be informed; learn about the making of the product of your choice and how to sustain it best and keep yourself safe in the process. If you’re more experienced with vaping, you can always rebuild your own atomizer and create your own e-liquid. A customized experience can be much more fulfilling and a lot safer, so don’t ignore the various resources and jump into it without enough knowledge.


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